Our Background

In Gujarat till 2003 there was not any network of people living with HIV/AIDS. But, from 2001 community have started to gather and form a group. We have started to work for PLHAs on the volunteer bases. We were working in Surat but thinking to work for every PLHAs living in Gujarat. So on 6th February 2003 7 people living with HIV formed network as trust and society Act. As we were looking to work for whole Gujarat we named network as ‘Gujarat State Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GSNP+)’.

GSNP+ is a community based non-profit making organization formed, by & for people living with HIV/AIDS. The organization is based on Surat and members are a blend of people with various socio-economic backgrounds. The fundamental principle guiding the work of GSNP+ is the centrality of PLHA (People Living With HIV/AIDS) in decision making process that effect their lives. We are also looking to improve quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS through various activities. Consequently GSNP+ is organized and managed by People living with HIV/AIDS. We are advocating issues of People living with HIV/AIDS at State level and working at district level through various district level networks.

The guiding principle of GSNP+ is to focus on the centrality of PLHA in decision-making process that affects their lives; improve quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS, through various activities. Looking into the vast number of stigma and discrimination issues faced by HIV +ve women on account of gender discrimination, legal issues, lack of family support systems, physical as well as verbal abuse, GSNP+ also initiated the formation of the State women forum (SWF) in the Gujarat on the 1st of November 2004. The main goals of this forum is to address these issues strategically and prevent as well as reduce such instances through awareness, advocacy, mainstreaming and establishing linkages with government and other relevant departments. GSNP+ have affiliation with “ Pallavit Nokhu Aaikhu” forum of HIV positive MSM & TG. Both organizations are part of GSNP+ governing board as invitee board members for all decision process.

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