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In whole HIV/AIDS epidemic two major challenges are there. One is to stop further transmission in the society and another is to increase acceptance of the people living with HIV/AIDS in the community through proper care and support programs. But, unfortunately there was a negligible involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS in the prevention program and there is a complete lack of care and support program. People living with HIV/AIDS can play major role in both programs. Also, there were lots of the issues of people living with HIV/AIDS but none was there to highlight the issues and advocate for that. There was only a way that people living with HIV/AIDS comes out with the united voice. And with the same idea Indian Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS formed at Chennai. In Gujarat till 2003 there was not any network of people living with HIV/AIDS. But, from 2001 they have started to gather and form a group. They started to work for PLHAs on the volunteer bases. They were working in Surat but thinking to work for every PLHAs living in Gujarat. So on 6th February 2003 7 people living with HIV formed network as trust and society Act. As we were looking to work for whole Gujarat we named network as ‘Gujarat State Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GSNP+).

GSNP+ is a community based non-profit making organization formed, by & for people living with HIV/AIDS. The organization is based on Surat and members are a blend of people with various socio-economic backgrounds. The fundamental principle guiding the work of GSNP+ is the centrality of PLHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) in decision making process that affects their lives. We are also looking to improve quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS through various activities. Consequently GSNP+ is organized and managed by People living with HIV/AIDS. We are advocating issues of People living with HIV/AIDS at State level and working at district level through various district level networks.

Board Members

<span>Mr. Rasik Bhuva</span>

Mr. Rasik Bhuva

<span>Mr. Sunilgiri Goswami</span>

Mr. Sunilgiri Goswami

Vice President
<span>Ms. Daxa Patel</span>

Ms. Daxa Patel

General Secretary
<span>Ms. Jagruti Patel </span>

Ms. Jagruti Patel

<span>Mr. Krishnakant Chudasama</span>

Mr. Krishnakant Chudasama

Invitee Board Member – Nokhu Aikhu
<span>Ms. Manisha Salunke</span>

Ms. Manisha Salunke

Executive Board member
<span>Ms. Asha Patel</span>

Ms. Asha Patel

Join Secretary

Core Team Members

Praful Kosambiya

Praful Kosambiya

Senior Finance Officer
(M) +91 97250 15970
Rajesh Kalavadiya

Rajesh Kalavadiya

Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
(M) +91 95748 40011
Amit Parab

Amit Parab

Project Manager
(M) +91 96625 15354
Ms. Daxa Patel

Ms. Daxa Patel

Project Director
(M) +91 99250 44967

Staff Members

Kevin Patel

Kevin Patel

Finance Officer
(M) +91 97250 15971
Robin Gamit

Robin Gamit

M&E Officer
+91 75748 49410
Dharmendra Patel

Dharmendra Patel

Program Officer
(M) +91 97250 15968